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SaaSquatch Weekly - Vol. 7
We know that marketing professionals and agencies like to be on top of whats new(s) in the marketing world. Here at SaaSquatch HQ we do our fair share of daily reading too, so we've pulled together our best article finds of the past week to help keep you up to date. 
The Content Marketing Institute report stated that 88% of b2b marketers are using content marketing, but only 30% of them find it effective. So whats up with the remaining 58%? 
Continuing the B2B content theme, Jess Lulka tackles a tough topic: How can marketers in B2B technology marketing reach an audience that is both skeptical and brand loyal?
Dan Purvis, Director at Comms Axis talks about the impact of martech on the sales process and marrying sales with marketing to grow your business.
Does affiliate and referral marketing really work? In this episode, Steli and Hiten share their thoughts, tips, and experiences using this strategy and how it’s impacted their customer acquisition. 
New research shows that email marketing automation tools are hugely popular, while the cloud remains the favorite platform for delivering them.
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