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SaaSquatch Weekly - Vol. 10
We know that marketing professionals and agencies like to be on top of whats new(s) in the marketing world. Here at SaaSquatch HQ we do our fair share of daily reading too, so we've pulled together our best article finds of the past week to help keep you up to date. 
Todays average consumer owns 3.64 devices, each of which will be used to engage with your business. As the importance of cross-channel marketing grows, so should your personalized communication tactics. Here are the top 6 channels to focus on. 
We can't all be like Uber, Dropbox or Airbnb, but it is possible to grow your business through customer referrals. Build your business through customer referrals by leveraging these five tactics.
Marketing technology doesn’t stand still, and neither should smart marketing leaders. Kevin Souers, CPO at Aprimo discusses 3 tech trends that brands should focus on.
John Reese, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Mavenlink, shares the four technology trends that he believes B2B marketing leaders need to focus on in order to improve both team and business performance in 2017.
Contributors Erica Seidel and Nadine Dietz round up the insights gleaned from the leading CMOs they’ve profiled and discuss how marketing teams and talent can evolve going forward.
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