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SaaSquatch Weekly - Vol. 15
We know that marketing professionals and agencies like to be on top of what's new(s) in the marketing world. Here at SaaSquatch HQ we do our fair share of daily reading too, so we've pulled together our best article finds of the past week to help keep you up to date. 
Dont fall into the predictability rut. Here are three ways to ensure you’re approaching content creation from an angle that can pay off in a big way.
A great case study on how lowering expectations and downplaying its own technology helped a cutting-edge company reach a whole new customer.
Coupon codes continue to reign in e-commerce, helping boost sales and get customers over the shopping cart hump. Discover strategies from 13 successful young entrepreneurs on how businesses can best utilize online coupon codes. 
While not the hottest topic in marketing, event marketing is alive and well. Try implementing some of these emerging trends to capture your audience at your next event,
Interested in what Referral Marketing can do for you or your clients? We'd love to help!
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Influencer marketing is growing, and 84% of marketers say it's effective. Check out these key facts and stats about both this marketing tactic and popular influencer social network Instagram.

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