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SaaSquatch Weekly - Vol. 21
We know that marketing professionals and agencies like to be on top of what's new(s) in the marketing world. At SaaSquatch HQ we do our fair share of reading too, so we've pulled together our best article finds of the past week to help keep you up to date. 
As the path to purchase becomes more and more complex for consumers, brands are likely to start seeing major e-retailers as a necessity. See why there's a growing opportunity for e-retailers and brands to form partnerships that can be mutually beneficial to both sides.
Word of mouth is the most influential point in making purchasing decisions. The following tips will detail how to get the clients you have impressed to spread the word.
The importance of chatbots in todays buyers market, and how HubSpots newest acquisition plans to capitalize on this key piece of marketing technology.   
Kate Bullis, Managing Partner at SEBA International, explains the marketing positions that exist in tech, why the marketing role is different in tech, and how to enter the tech marketing world.
Account-based marketing (ABM) has become a hot topic in marketing technology over the last two years. Here's what you need to know. 
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