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SaaSquatch Weekly - Vol. 22
We know that marketing professionals and agencies like to be on top of what's new(s) in the marketing world. At SaaSquatch HQ we do our fair share of reading too, so we've pulled together our best article finds of the past week to help keep you up to date. 
How can a B2C brand promoting a product that is not cool, sexy or particularly cutting-edge, still utilise all the tricks and techniques of modern marketing to create really effective campaigns?
We don’t get a ton of drama in tech world, but we’ll take it where we can get it. Perhaps this is why the Google press event in San Fransisco this past week provided viewers with a bit more entertainment than usual. 
The evolving nature of the marketing landscape can be tough to keep up with, and influencer marketing is no exception. Although it is definitely an appealing opportunity, this emerging ecosystem can be a real challenge without any experience.
Content marketing and the evolution of graphic design for digital marketing is continuing to rise. See how Graphic Design is evolving for the modern business. 
Introducing Gift Card Automation from SaaSquatch
Introducing Gift Card Automation from SaaSquatch. Give your customers the opportunity to enjoy the perks of customized rewards, by integrating your referral program with Tango and Giftbit gift cards directly in the SaaSquatch portal. See what's new! 
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